A Plan for North Carolina

Exciting News!

Our goal of creating more resilient communities is one step closer to reality! Conversations around creating a feasible, fundable, and sustainable strategic plan for a statewide support system for community-based resilience — a plan that will allow us to build capacity and provide services guided by trauma-informed principles — are well underway.

This work is facilitated by the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute’s Impact Center and supported by the DHHS Division of Child and Family Wellness/Child Behavioral Health Team and the Hope Star Foundation. The goal of the work is to create a shared vision and establish the group processes necessary for navigating the complex questions and challenges involved in creating a statewide support system that involves multiple organizations and priorities.

Similar to work at the local community level, work at the state level requires building momentum, leveraging existing initiatives and partnerships, and creating an innovative support system framework. The framework includes an intentional focus on policy, funding and administrative supports, and innovations and practices guided by the needs of local communities. The support system includes interactive, well-integrated design elements attending to state, intermediary, and local functions.

Please stay tuned for more information and ways to be involved.

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